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Create Warcraft III maps with TypeScript

function onAbilityCast() {
const caster = Unit.fromEvent();
const g = new Group();
g.enumUnitsInRange(caster.x, caster.y, 500);
const enemies = g.getUnits().filter((u) => u.isEnemy(caster.owner));
for (const unit of enemies) {
caster.damageTarget(unit, 50);
function tsMain() {
const BUILD_DATE = compiletime(() => new Date().toUTCString());
print(`Build: ${BUILD_DATE}`);
const unit = new Unit(Players[0], FourCC("hfoo"), 0, 0, 270); = "TypeScript";
new Timer().start(1.00, true, () => {
new Effect("Meteor.mdx", unit.x, unit.y).destroy();
addScriptHook(W3TS_HOOK.MAIN_AFTER, tsMain);

Warcraft III API

Access to all natives, functions, and globals as well as wrapper classes for most handle types. Extra functionality such as IO, data synchronization, host detection, and more is provided out of the box.

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